It is important to store guns properly and safely to avoid accidents. You also want to keep your guns secure in case of a burglary so they don't fall into the wrong hands.

Stolen firearms are often used by criminals and to commit crimes. Storing them in a locked gun safe is a great way to keep them from being stolen.

Make sure that your guns are secure and unloaded, to prevent an accidental discharge. It is a sad fact that you or someone you love is more likely to be killed by your own gun, than someone elses.

You want to protect yourself and family, yet at the same time remain safe.

Store your guns unloaded, yet close enough to the ammunition that if you do need them, you will be able to get to them in time.
For some people building your own gun closet or gun storage room is a good idea. If you are handy you might want to try these ideas for a gun closet / storage space.

If you have a book shelf in say your office, you could convert it into a closet for gun storage. You'll want to install some mounts for your rifles and drawers for your handguns. Put in a couple of doors, some hidden hinges and some good quality cabinet locks. A finishing touch would be to mount a hidden camera with a good view of the gun closet. In case there is a break-in you will be able to catch the crooks on video.

If you want to convert a storage room or the like into a gun storage space. You may want to try this heavy duty security door made by Browning. It looks like a regular door, but is actually a security door. Here are the specs

Browning/ProSteel’s Security Door has taken in-home security to a new level. With the appearance of a standard residential door, the Security Door is the perfect option for the customer who prefers to be more discreet about the presence and location of valuables. The Security Door includes a UL® Listed S & G® Type I Electronic Lock with a faceplate that can be mounted and concealed up to seven feet from the vault to further hide the true nature of the door. The Security Door features a six-panel door style to help blend in with other residential doors and can be painted to match. The minimum rough door opening for the Security Door is 83" x 36".
Browning Gun Brand
Browning is the gun brand that uses a buck as their logo so you can bet they are known for making rifles that can take down a deer. Browning is a maker of Shotguns, Rifles and Handguns that are extremely popular with hunters. Whether you are hunting duck, deer or big game. Browning has a gun that will suit your needs. Browning is named after John Moses Browning an important designer of early American firearms. He lived from 1855-1926 and during his lifetime he received over 120 gun patents.

Remington Gun Brand
Remington is America's oldest maker of guns, they are located in Madison, North Carolina. The company was founded way back in 1816, in upstate New York. Remington is a popular brand of rifle, it is a brand that many hunters prefer. They manufacture Shotguns, Rifles and Handguns. Remington Revolvers were used extensively during the American Civil War. Even the famous William "Buffalo Bill" Cody shot a Remington Revolver.

Smith & Wesson Gun Brand
Smith & Wesson is a high quality manufacturer of Firearms and Firearm Related products. Well known for the famous Large S over Large W trademark. They manufacture a broad range of guns including Pistols, Revolvers and Tactical Rifles. Smith & Wesson has been proudly made in the USA since 1852. Even "Dirty Harry" carried a Smith & Wesson Model 29.

Winchester Gun Brand
Winchester is a highly sought after brand of guns. Winchester is best known as "The Gun That Won The West" for its early role in American History as a rifle producer. These rifles were a favorite of early western settlers in the United States. The famous Model 1866 was the original Winchester and coined the term repeating rifle. Today these guns are prized by collectors of firearms. - - - - - - -